Meet the Cast

Because FINDING DEE is an auto-biographical webcomic, the main character are me, my significant other, Heidi, and our totes adorbs puppy, Puddin' Poe Whistle-Fish. As new characters are added, it should be noted that while some are inspired by real people, all are fictionalized mash ups of a bunch of folks we know unless otherwise specified.


Dee Fish
Dee Fish - Obviously, I'm the main character. The strip is called "Finding Dee" after all. I'm a 40-something cartoonist and graphic designer/illustrator. I live in Oil City, PA. I love Star Wars, comic books and Karaoke. First Appearance Strip

Heidi Whistle
Heidi Whistle - Just like in real life, my significant other and lady-love is Heidi! Heidi kicks my ASS in Karaoke with a voice that can shred out the hardest AC/DC. Heidi is also an avid lover of horror, show dogs and horses. She's also a very talented artist and way cooler then me. First Appearance Strip

Puddin' Poe Whistle-Fish
Puddin' Poe Whistle-Fish - Poe, for short. He's named after Edgar Allan Poe and a Harley Quinn reference. He is, like all the best puppies, super adorable and high energy. He loves cheese and wears a diaper because he's super high-anxiety and didn't respond well to potty training. He has been trained to attack-lick on command. Beware the Poe!  First Appearance Strip

Laurie - The first recurring character introduced that ISN'T (directly) a real person, Laurie is the bartender at our favorite karaoke hang out, The Clover.  First Appearance Strip

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